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Expert Opinion on Thudguard

A selection of testiimonials from qualified experts.

"It is a pleasure to support the 'Thudguard' in my capacity as President of the British Association for Accident and Emergency Medicine. Any device which helps to reduce the number of head injuries sustained by young children each year is most welcome"

John Heyworth
British Association for Accident and Emergency Medicine

"Throughout more than 20 years as an emergency paramedic, I have encountered numerous worried parents who have called an ambulance because their young toddler took a fall and suffered a head injury. While most are minor, some have resulted in serious and debilitating injuries. The Thudguard product is the first of its kind I’ve seen that offers sufficient protection during the formative months as young children develop balance and learn to walk. It is light-weight, unobtrusive, and in my experience, well-tolerate by busy and curious youngsters. We provided one for my grandson, and I heartily encourage their use by any parent, grandparent or guardian concerned about preventing head injuries in children."

Lawson E. Stuart, RN, MBA, MICP
Executive Director
Academic Programs, California

"It is about time that someone has addressed the diffuse head injuries that are so invisible but on the rise for toddlers learning to walk. Thudguard is a one of a kind invention. As a practicing neurophysiologist, I highly endorse this incredible product. "

Dr. Kevin Fleming. Ph.D., P.C.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA

"I think the Thudguard will be welcomed by many parents as a piece of equipment that may provide protection for children from a head injury. This can only be a good thing as even one accidental head injury is one too many. Avoiding head injury means reducing potential visits to the A&E department, which in turn may potentially save the NHS resources. I would like to remind parents that any child with a head injury should be seen by medical staff if there is concern about their condition, whether or not protective head gear is worn."

Dr Diana Macgregor
Associate Specialist
Accident & Emergency, Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital

"I have read the information provided on your initiative to conceive a protective device against head injury for babies and toddlers. On my personal behalf, I want to lend full support to this effort to prevent and mitigate head injury in babies and small children. The consequences of head injury may be suffered during the entire life of the young victim. The emotional and financial burden can be enormous. I wish you success."

Herman Delooz MD PhD FCCM FFAEM (Hons)
Former President of the European Society for Emergency Medicine. Former Editor of the European Journal of Emergency Medicine.

"... should make a valuable contribution to risk reduction in a similar way to cycle helmets.."

David W. Jenkins BA MPhil(Eng) PhD DCA FTSI
Product Safety Adviser to RoSPA

"Having worked on protective helmets for many occupations, and developed appropriate test methodologies for British and European helmet standards, I have assisted the development of the Thudguard to protect toddlers from the serious head injuries which can result from everyday falls and tumbles. I believe Thudguard will achieve this aim and so add to the peace of mind of carers, parents and even grandparents like me"

Group Captain David Glaister
OStJ, MB,BS, PhD, FFOM, RAF (Ret d)

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