Thudguard - Infant Protective Safety Hat
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Many people have asked questions about Thudguard and how it could help them and their families.

We've complied the most common questions and answers into a document which you can download FREE of charge. Just click here to download your copy now.

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Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Thudguard:

· Why is Thudguard unique?
· What is the difference between Thudguard and a cycle helmet?
· When should my infant wear a Thudguard?
· Are there any techniques to assist my baby when 'learning to walk'?
· Is using a Thudguard being 'over protective'?
· Isn't pain a learning curve and bumping your head part of growing up?
· How did we manage before Thudguard came along?
· Will Thudguard encourage me to let my baby take more risks?
· What safety standards does Thudguard meet?
· How do I fit the Thudguard properly so it won't cover my baby's eyes?
· My child won't wear hats. How can I get him/her to wear a Thudguard?
· Is Thudguard heavy?
· Is my baby's soft spot (fontanelle) really that vulnerable?

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