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Thudguard Inventor

Kelly Forsyth-Gibson is a mother of 3 and was born and lives in the Scottish city of Aberdeen.

In 1998, when Kelly's youngest child was 1 and learning to walk, the toddler fell and bumped her head. A search for a lightweight safety hat that was cute and fun for her child to wear was unsuccessful. She continued looking for a protective hat that could reduce the severity of the everyday bumps and bruises that children get when becoming more active. There were none, so she invented her own...

Falling over is part of growing up and some accidents can act as an important lesson, such as scraped hands and knees. But the traumatic hospital trip; exposure to the radiation of an X-ray and the worrying 24-hour observation period of a head injury is heart breaking for all the family!

Parents take great care not to let their toddlers fall but you can't keep them glued to your hip all day and accidents do happen. At least now there is an option to reduce the harshness of head injury as well as reduce the workload of many Accident & Emergency Departments.

Kelly's invention is helping reduce the national child accident statistics, making learning to walk in a world of hard surfaces great fun and a lot safer.

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